July 25, 2024
012518 0510 SPAAM2 - Books
today we are going to be talking about books.

Hello GDM fans today we are going to be talking about books. Books are very useful things. If you are reading a non-fiction book you can get more knowledge just by reading the books. Fiction books on the other hand doesn’t really help you with knowledge but it does help you with your reading fluency skills which is really helpful because that will definitely help you with your reading level in your school.

012518 0510 SPAAM1 - Books

Books are really interesting and I like them and you should too. They are one of the most useful things on earth but there are rumors that there might be some problems with books like they are going to be transferring to eBooks in the future so then there would be no more normal books and you would have to get a thousand-dollar device or more to read an eBook which is a little too much for me. So, I think you should just leave the normal books be and read eBooks when you want to.

012518 0510 SPAAM2 - Books

Anyways I hope you enjoyed my blog today and I will be seeing you all later! See you


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