May 28, 2024
Hello there GDM fans today I am going to be talking to you about my recent trip to a place called Vancouver Island.

Hello there GDM fans today I am going to be talking to you about my recent trip to a place called Vancouver Island. So, I got on the ferry of course and then I went upstairs and the first thing I noticed that there was NO WIFI! So, I was just sitting there taking some pictures and playing local multiplayer games with some people. I did get bored easily but I couldn’t wait until I got to Vancouver Island and the first thing you know is that when we got there, there was a car crash with no body in it and coincidentally there was also the same kind of car crash the year before which was pretty suspicious but everybody just wanted to leave. So, after that me and my family got to an RV that we are going to stay at and I actually have never been inside an RV before so I was pretty excited.

I hooked up my Wii to the RV TV so I was pretty entertained and the next few days was just going out of the RV camp which had a pretty bumpy road and we were in our van and suddenly there was a truck and the truck basically just covered our car with dust and it was crazy! Yeah, we just get out of the RV camp so we can Wi-Fi and stuff. One time we were going to the beach and there was like piles of ants that are the size of a beetle and I actually kind of cringed at it since it was so large. I actually went to the beach so I could learn how to kite and it was actually pretty fun! I had a bunch of time there and it was great.

This was the year that I learnt how to bike and I was actually pretty old so I am embarrassed so I won’t tell you how old I was when I learnt how to ride a bicycle. I wanted to eat the White Spot on the ferry but when I realized that there was no Fish and Chips on the ferry I wasn’t really happy and basically my dreams of eating Fish and Chips on a boat were crushed! But when we went to the outside of the ferry it felt really good like my hair was going back and forth and it actually wasn’t really code at all! I saw some people getting tans and stuff but there was also a big area that was like under construction or something because I think they were like painting. Otherwise my trip to Vancouver Island was pretty good and I hope you all enjoyed this blog, my name is Angus and I will see you all later.

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