June 23, 2024
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There was nothing at all until the emptiness of literally nothing wanted to be something, something big and the young baby universe decided to blow up expanding in all directions!

There was nothing at all until the emptiness of literally nothing wanted to be something, something big and the young baby universe decided to blow up expanding in all directions! A bunch of particles that are about ten billion degrees Celsius just entered the universe, that’s right ten billion degrees Celsius, hotter than that freshly cooked you couldn’t eat because you though it was too hot! (I hope I am not the only one who does that.) but What if there were even more universes made in that explosion? Hello there ladies and gentlemen, (principal’s name), judges, teachers and fellow students my name is Angus and I will be talking about parallel universes. You may be wondering what that is. Well imagine somebody drinking water in one universes and in another they don’t, they get dehydrated and they die. Wow, that escalated quickly!

You think this is too crazy? Let’s see. I have three points about parallel universes and in the first point I will be talking about how parallel universes exist. There is this one huge spot in the universes called the cold spot which is cold… (Man, we are intelligent at naming things.) and a few scientists from Durham university think that a possibility of this happening is from a collision between universes. Also, think about this. We are inside the huge kind of ball, box whatever you call it and there is literally nothing around it. Don’t you feel a little strange just this random box thingy with nothing around it. There has to be something like leftover molecules or just other universes, right? The second point is about the Mandala effect and you may be wondering these two things, “what is a Mandala Effect” and “how is the Mandala Effect related to Parallel Universes” Well, the Mandala effect in a nutshell is basically a false memory put inside of multiple brains. An example of the Mandala Effect is from an old Star Wars movie (If you are scared of spoilers cover your ears now) this is when Darth Vader said the famous phrase, “Luke, I am your father”, but he actually said “No, I am your father”. Many think the Mandala effect is a mystery but a common theory of how the mandala effect happens is when two universes collide with each other. Now, Onto the third point, this is about how parallel universes might just be one stupid hoax. Apparently, parallel universes are a bunch of universes with somebody that is similar to you in it, but do you the chances of somebody similar to you being born? One in 400 trillion, you can sit there counting all day and you probably won’t get there! (If you actually did that then I don’t know what you do with your life!) Another reason why parallel universes might be fake is because if you look at the cold spot it could just be filled with dead stars or something else!

    Are parallel universes real or are they not? I talked about how parallel universes and how they might be real or fake. What kind of proof will we have in the future to prove that parallel universes exist. Will we be able to discover proof that parallel universes exist? But hey, that’s just a theory, a space theory! Thanks for listening. (Totally did not copy Game/Film Theorists)

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Author: Angus Sun

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