April 24, 2024
Hello, GDM fans and today we are going to be talking about our minds.

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Hello, GDM fans and today we are going to be talking about our minds.
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Now for me personally, I actually do things without thinking. Like let’s just say something bad has happened. Maybe there was a fire and I knew I could save one more person and then of course I would charge in and there would be a very high chance of me dying. There are some pros and cons of a mind that doesn’t think much before thinking but what I like about it is that you actually think faster then other people which is kind of good like in those speed drills but not that great in answers since you want to double check? Your mind is like nope. What I do is I cover up the answer and do the whole equation again and then I do it.

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There are also some people who do things slowly with their minds. Like equations and stuff and they do usually get them all right if they do take their time but almost all see a person in the class who just sped through a test or something but then their mind gets triggered or something and they speed through which is not really capable for them and then they get the rest of the test wrong.

Hope you guys enjoyed this blog post that I made and I will be seeing you guys on the next blog post! See you GDM.

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