July 14, 2024
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Ever get that feeling that if you lie you can get away with it but instead it gets even worse?

                  Ever get that feeling that if you lie you can get away with it but instead it gets even worse? Hello GDM fans today we are going to be talking lies. Well, let’s start with the basics, first of all when you lie you actually feel like you did something wrong let’s say broke a 100-year-old collectible that was your parent’s collectibles but it’s not yours of course you would lie and would have said “I don’t know it just fell down by itself!” and that was just an example.
011418 0633 Lies1 - Lies

               There are also some of those bad lies that may get you to go to jail let’s say that you do an application and everything is false and you are actually not applicable but you still do it anyways this will waste theirs and your time. Also, that would of course not give you the job since you weren’t applicable for the job in the first place!

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              There is another type of lie that is actually better for you. Let’s say that you have a math tutor or something and you weren’t going to go to him/her after about 2 months and if you actually told her/him the truth then they might not actually teach you to their full extent which is of course not good. But if you lied or have stayed quiet (staying quiet is a better option) or you can actually just say it the correct way so he/she can teach you to their full extent.

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Anyways I hope you all enjoyed and I will see you GDM fans later!

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