May 30, 2024
011218 0544 JAVASCRIPTC3 - JAVASCRIPT CODING (Old speech fest)
Did you know that when you use this little thing called JavaScript coding you can make a quiz, and a story?

Did you know that when you use this little thing called JavaScript coding you can make a quiz, and a story? Oh, hello there ladies and gentlemen, judges and students of all grades, good afternoon my name’s Angus and today we will be talking about my speech. Today we will be talking about JavaScript coding as I told you in the beginning so let’s talk about it. The first thing you need to use for JavaScript coding is of course a JavaScript coding application but what I mainly use is Komodo Edit. Okay so now that’s out of the way I’m going to share some good things about JavaScript coding.

011218 0544 JAVASCRIPTC1 - JAVASCRIPT CODING (Old speech fest)

You can use JavaScript coding for fun! So, JavaScript coding is basically about making quizzes and stories. You can use a quiz to make people guess about your personality or maybe to a math quiz! You can also write stories of your life or maybe a fictional story. You can show it around to local people or maybe even upload it to the internet to show it to other people. If you keep trying JavaScript coding you can probably succeed. After you succeed you can tell your friends and family members and your family members will be proud of you. Whatever you do everybody has a good quiz or story no matter what. Since they are all so unique. That’s why I like java script coding if you didn’t know that I liked it!

Also, you can use JavaScript programming for jobs!
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Now I’m going to share you some bad things about JavaScript coding. If you try JavaScript coding for the first time you will struggle a bit. If you work hard you can finish it in a few hours. If you don’t, well it might take a few days. Also JavaScript coding is not really for people that are really impatient. Another thing is when you just do one little mistake! A whole script may not work! You also have to find that mistake and then fix it! It may be a spelling mistake, a coding mistake or even a scripting mistake! Sometimes when you just started you have to watch these videos that are like 45 minutes long! Or maybe you need to get lessons to do it! Sometimes you can just try it yourself clueless but you can still do it!

011218 0544 JAVASCRIPTC3 - JAVASCRIPT CODING (Old speech fest)

Sometimes some people cannot understand coding since you have to remember so many things like scripts and cores of how to code! If you remember how to do it you have a pretty good memory! If you don’t oh well, just keep practicing and you can do it. Sometimes when you do java script coding, you might feel a little frustrated or depressed. Usually it’s because you did something wrong or maybe you don’t know what to do. Also if you work hard it might make you tired which is pretty bad because if you are tired you can’t code that much. That’s why when you code you usually have more sleep. Thank you for staying to hear about JavaScript coding and See you GDM Fans!

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