July 14, 2024
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Hello GDM Fans, today we are going to be talking about instruments.

Hello GDM Fans, today we are going to be talking about instruments. Let’s start with some basics like some people will be like “MUSIC IS HARMONY NO MATTER WHAT :P”. Well, part of that is actually not true because if you blow like a recorder out of tune you would be like that titanic meme where it’s pretty horrible if you ask me but at least it still kind of sounds like it no offense I mean maybe that music actually sounds better to some of you out there which I don’t blame. If you like it then like it don’t let anybody change how you think because you know and they know that you are just yourself and everybody is different. I personally like the piano because that’s like one of the only instruments I play but it doesn’t matter

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Instruments are great for making people happy, depressed and so on. Maybe you can’t afford an instrument and that’s okay but you can go on google and there would be tons of DIY instruments and some people actually made drums with paint cans! I watched a video on it and the person looked very talented because he was one of those street performers. So, over all I do like instruments and you know what you think right?

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Anyways I have to go now and if you guys enjoyed please share and I will see you GDM fans later!

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