June 13, 2024
today we are going to be talking about Anime.

Hello everybody my name is Angus and today we are going to be talking about Anime. Anime is great to watch with its content and how many people watch it. There are probably a lot of people who watch anime and I am one of them. With their music to their content there is so much in anime. One of my favorites are SwordArtOnline or Tokyo Ghoul… YEAH and Naruto too or Bleach yeah so basically, I have a lot of favorite animes.

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So animes are really entertaining but sometimes there are those anime loopholes where there are so many flashbacks that it would just be like 600 episodes of basically the same thing and that is where I start skipping episodes. One time I had to skip like 4 episodes of an anime because it was a repeat and it was basically like a mini DLC for a game which I don’t really like so I don’t do those kinds of things. I also watch anime when I am and there was nothing to watch on YouTube. So, guys that is what I thought about anime and I will see you GDM fans later!


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