What I Think About Super Mario Odyssey

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Hello GDM fans today I am going to be reviewing the game called Super Mario Odyssey. What I like about Odyssey is that it is a nice 3D game that has a bunch of content just packed inside of it. You can explore freely just like the experience in Super Mario 64. It also has upgraded graphics compared to 3D World and Super Mario Galaxy ½. There are also so many controls you can do and the challenges that people make the game a lot more fun. Like the impossible jump in New Donk City and Dark Side. Although you lose a bunch of coins after you are done the jump and did a success you get a sense of satisfaction.

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There are also so many worlds to explore with so many power moons which is the reason why people can play the game for a long time so they can search for power moons around the Odyssey World. It is also good because if some people don’t really know how to play the game and they don’t know what to do they can use assist mode to help them out and what to do in Mario Odyssey. Also, if you just started you feel really excited and you really like the feel when you only just play it for the first time because there are many goods and others waiting to surprise you.

Odyssey is just a fun game that people can explore a lot and put a lot of time in and it is kind of worth it. Anyways that is what I thought about Super Mario Odyssey and I will be seeing you GDM fans next time, See you!

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