What I think about Zelda: Breath of The Wild (Spoilers Contained)

Hello GDM fans today we are going to be talking about the newest Zelda game as of now and what I think about it of course I actually think it is kind of hard since you have to find guardians near some towers and guardians just to get shot by their death lasers and just try to defend against them with nothing except a sword. Then you did a parry oh that was probably like a life saver for you but if you use one of those Boko Shield’s then if you just get the timing only a little bit off then you are screwed and you just run away or avoid the guardian overall which is what I do early inside the game. You could also just kill yourself and then rinse and repeat and you would probably have died a lot after that.

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Another thing I like is the paraglider and the special abilities because those are really helpful! If I try to fall down from a high place well bam paraglider drop which is just dropping down and at the last moment you just paraglide! It works, just try it out and it will be like a lifesaver. Also, it is also good for flying long distances and then getting killed by that major test of strength shrine that you count as your enemy as you just collapse on the floor almost killing the bot and it was at like 20 health. I know how you feel m8 but I actually got better at it so I don’t necessarily die easily so that is probably a good sign I mean is a good sign and the powers those are the goodies and the Ravioli’s gale or something yeah, the one that makes you fly up pretty cool the only bad part is the Divine Beasts which are really strong just because of the Ganon’s in there and I still hate them to this day. Other then that the powers I get are actually pretty useful for fighting Lynel’s and stuff. My favorite one is probably the Ravioli’s Gale and the Mipha’s Grace. (Ravioli is better to remember then Ravali ok)

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I also like the castle since there is so much loot in there and you can sometimes get the Hylian Shield early on in the game since it isn’t like very far inside the castle. The only thing I hate about it is that if you go in and fight Ganon by yourself with no Divine Beasts you will be greeted by all the Ganon’s that you were supposed to fight inside the divine beast’s and then you could fight the real Ganon and that kind of sucks. Anyways that is just my preference of the game Zelda BOTW and it is pretty good in my case but anyways I will be going now and I will be seeing you all later! See you on the next blog.

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